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What are Immersion Coils and what are they used for?

Immersion coils are ideally suited for almost all metal finishing (plating) and metal processing (pickling) applications.  The fluoropolymer tubes (FEP, PFA and Q) is non-conductive, chemically inert, flexible, and tough.  Most of the competition is not suited for, hot, strong sulfuric acid or fluoride-containing baths.  In these applications, AMETEK FPP immersion coils should be a clear choice.  In addition, a few ppm of corroded metal can ruin many baths.  AMETEK FPP immersion coils should have an advantage wherever bath contamination is critical. 

Advantages for AMETEK FPP Immersion coils (Supercoils) in plating operations :

  1. Electrically non-conductive- to prevent stray currents and short circuits.
  2. “Non-stick” surface provides excellent fouling resistance.
  3. Chemical inertness of fluoropolymer prevents stray ions caused by coil corrosion from entering the bath and upsetting bath and current control.
  4. Flexibility, toughness and corrosion resistance result in minimal maintenance and replacement cost.
  5. Immersion coils are lightweight and narrow, permitting easy installation and removal.
  6. If repairs are required, they can be done by the customer, at his plant, without any special procedures or tools.
  7. They are resistant to thermal shock, although some change-over time is required between heating and cooling cycles.

Advantages for AMETEK FPP coils (Slimline coils) designed for pickling applications.  Spaced tubing; high efficiency with a lot of area in small space.  All wetted surfaces non-metallic :

  1. Good in all baths (HCL, H2SO4, & HF-HNO3)
  2. They will not corrode.
  3. Available fluoropolymer FEF resin or our proprietary “Q” higher performance material.
  4. They minimize a narrow shape for minimum space requirements in tubes.
  5. Spacers separate tubes for optimum heat transfer.
  6. Available shape ranges from a tight “U” to completely straight.
  7. More than 50 standard forms are available to accommodate a variety of tank designs.


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