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What is the different type of Heat Exchanger Manufactures?

What are the Different Types of Heat Exchangers ?

There are five different types of heat exchangers which commonly used in the industry as Follows :

Shell and tube heat exchangers
Immersion Coil Heat Exchangers
Double pipe heat exchangers
Plate heat exchangers.
Condensers, evaporators, and boilers

There are may different types of heat exchanger manufactures.  AMETEK Fluoropolymer Products manufacture Shell and Tube and Immersion coil heat exchangers both with fluoropolymer tubes and our honeycomb tube joint.  Most of our competition for Shell and Tube heat exchangers use exotic metal or graphite to transfer heat vs. fluoropolymer tubes.  Many shell and tube heat exchanger manufacture’s use a variety of features for their designs such as: floating, fixed, U-tube, air fan cooler, and double pipe.  They come in a variety of different tube side pass arrangements 1,2,4, or 6 pass designs.  Many pressure vessels are classified as shell and tube heat exchangers such as condensers, evaporator/boilers, coolers, and chillers. 

Other types of heat exchangers are gasketed plate and frame, brazed plate, plate fin and plate and shell heat exchangers.  These type exchangers can obtain a close approach and even a temperature cross.  They offer high heat-transfer coefficient and high turbulence due to even flow distribution.

Ametek Fluoropolymer Heat Exchangers


AMETEK FPP also have immersion coils our Supercoil and Slimline coil mostly used in the metal finishing and metal processing markets.  Our Supercoils and Slimline coils offer the same honeycomb method to fuse tubes as our shell and tube heat exchanger.  Other manufactures are not able to fuse as many tubes in a diameter as AMETEK FPP’s proprietary method.  Our coil competitors use exotic metal and fluoropolymer, and many uses electric heater compared to water and steam for heat and cooling tanks.

Ametek FPP Chart







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