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What are fluoropolymer shell and tube heat exchangers used for?

AMETEK Fluoropolymer shell and tube heat exchangers are used mostly in the chemical processing industry for heating, cooling, condensing, and evaporating highly corrosive liquids and gases.

Sulfuric Acid is the chemical most used with AMETEK FPP heat exchangers.  The process of making sulfuric acid can vary, but any company dealing with the manufacturing process has a high potential for the use of a fluoropolymer heat exchanger in their process.  Other Acids commonly requiring fluoropolymer heat exchangers are Hydrochloric, Nitric and Hydrofluoric Acids.  Another chemical manufacturing industry fluoropolymer heat exchangers are used in is the Chlor-Alkali manufacturing process.

The Chlor-Alkali process produces chlorine as well as sodium hydroxide, ammonia hydroxide and hydrogen peroxide through an electrolytic cell. Once the process is complete, the chlorine must be cooled and dried, and the caustic must be condensed.  Other applications ideal for fluoropolymer shell and tube heat exchangers is manufacturing of bromine, electronic chemical market which produces ultra-high purity acids for the SEMI conductor industry and Lead Acid Battery industry which uses sulfuric acid in the manufacture of battery paste. 



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