Locating a Leak in 6 easy steps!

1). simply attach the unit to a water supply and note the leaking tube.

2). For smaller leaks, it may be necessary to submerge the heat exchanger under water and pressurize it with air at 50 psig maximum. Leaks can then be located by the "bubble trail.”

3). For shell and tube units, it is best to remove the bundle from the shell. Remove all hardware from both ends and slide the bundle from the shell.

4). Support the bundle on a flat surface or with slings to prevent severe bending and subsequent damage. Once the bundle is removed from the shell, proceed as above.

5).  If the leak is close behind the honeycomb, it may be necessary to replace the bundle in the shell and pressurize the shell side of the unit.

6). Brush the face of the honeycomb with soap solution and determine where the air is leaking.

A honeycomb face repair will then be necessary. Be sure to check both ends for leaks, and repair both if necessary.


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