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XXP280 heat exchanger
Our new XXP280 Heat exchanger is the latest technology for heating and cooling, corrosive and ultrapure chemicals. The heat exchanger’s 100% Fluoropolymer construction and rugged design will allow precise temperature control in extreme environments where others fail. Our unique honeycomb design allows for exceptional heat transfer rates while maintaining a high pressure capability and compact size.

We added the following new features to our XXP280 heat exchanger::                                                        

  • Fitting style options: Flared, Pillar S300 and Flarelock
  • Shell configuration: U- standard both connections up or down, and S- style configuration one nozzle up and one nozzle down.
  • Connection sizes: Our standard is ¾” and we also offer 1” and ½” size fitting as options. 

The new additional features allow us to not only meet the pHasor X heat exchanger; but exceed in performance and flexibility.