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Ultra High Purity Tubing

Fluoropolymer Tubing

AMETEK Fluor-X fluoropolymer tubing is designed to meet the exact high purity requirements of the semiconductor industry and meets Semi F-57 standards. AMETEK produces its Fluor-X tubing under strict standards utilizing premium high-purity grades of PFA. Specifications defining exact resin grade and/or manufacturer can easily be accommodated. UHP-PFA exhibits a high temperature capability, along with the low extractable levels and low reactivity characteristics required in ultra high-purity chemical and water applications.

AMETEK dual-containment fluoropolymer tubing consists of two tubes, one inside the other. If the primary tube fails, then the secondary tube contains the hazardous liquid. Installation is easy and affordable because heat bending is not required and runs up to 500 feet reduce the need for connections. The ultrahigh-purity (UHP) fluoropolymer resists corrosion and offers low-extractable. The secondary (outside) tube is available in colors for quick process/chemical identification.

Key Features

  • Unmatched purity that meets the toughest standards in the semiconductor market
  • Temperature service range of -320°F to 500°F
  • Low permeability
  • Exceptional physical and chemical resistance