30-Series Model 218, 525 and 1000

Single pass, typically countercurrent-flow units designed for heating, cooling and condensing. Flexible fluoropolymer tube bundles are joined together to form unique honeycomb tube sheets that add physical robustness.

Material choices include FEP or Q-Series tubing with PTFE-lined heads. Standard shell construction is carbon steel, with other shell materials available on request. Products are ASME coded and equipped with TEMA/ANSI end nozzle connections.

The difference between models 218, 525 and 1000 are the number of tubes per bundle, which increases the heat transfer area. Users should select the model that is right for the application based on length (2 to 24 feet) and heat transfer required.

Key Features

  • High thermal efficiency
  • Corrosion-resistant construction
  • Unique seal system
  • FEP or Q-Series tubing
  • Carbon steel shells standard (others available upon request)