AMETEK Minicoil Fluoropolymer Heat Exchangers are used primarily in small metal finishing baths where corrosion is often a problem, and in small production tanks and laboratory baths.

The chemically inert, well-known nonstick characteristics of fluoropolymers reduce operating costs by resisting corrosion that causes fouling and scale buildup. The inherently high electrical resistance also helps prevent short circuits and stray currents in the plating baths.

Tubing may be selected in a variety of resins. For electroless nickel applications, AMETEK offers Q-Series tubing in a protective polypropylene or PTFE frame. For chrome and other plating applications, it offers FEP tubing in a protective CPVC or PTFE frame.

Key Features

  • Reduces operating and maintenance costs
  • No fouling or scaling
  • Tubing in a variety of resins