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Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

shell and tube heat exchangers are used mostly in the chemical processing industry for heating, cooling, condensing, and evaporating highly corrosive liquids and gases. Shell and tube heat exchangers are one of the most popular types of heat exchanger because of their flexibility to accommodate a wide range of temperatures and pressures.

Unlike conventional shell and tube heat exchangers , AMETEK products avoid scaling and fouling by using tubing made from essentially chemically inert fluoropolymers. AMETEK is the original manufacturer of fluoropolymer heat exchangers and still the only company that makes FEP and PFA tubing for shell-and-tube heat exchangers types.


These unique materials have advantages over heat exchangers made with metal, graphite or glass. Metal corrodes when it interacts with harsh chemicals, causing maintenance and reliability problems, and may lead to failure under pressure. Graphite and glass tubes may crack from thermal and mechanical shock, which may result in catastrophic failure and costly downtime.

AMETEK heat exchangers feature braided tubing bundles and unique fused ends that provide significantly better heat transfer from a smaller footprint than similar heat exchangers, allowing installation in virtually any type of tank configuration. AMETEK’s proprietary honeycomb process ensures long service life with no leaks or thermo-mechanical failures commonly found on other heat exchangers.