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Immersion Coil Heat Exchangers

Immersion coil heat exchangers have small tubes made of flexible fluoropolymer that are braided into coils. Coils can be installed into almost any tank configuration. Braids are separated by spacers for optimum thermal performance.

Unlike some immersion coils made of sub-quality material, AMETEK tubing is made of high-quality FEP, PFA or proprietary Q-Series resins. As the original manufacturer of fluoropolymer heat exchangers, AMETEK has the tightest quality specs and the most experience solving scale and fouling issues.

AMETEK heat exchangers feature braided tubing bundles and unique fused ends that provide significantly better heat transfer from a smaller footprint than similar heat exchangers, allowing installation in virtually any type of tank configuration. AMETEK’s proprietary honeycomb process ensures long service life with no leaks or thermo-mechanical failures commonly found on other heat exchangers.

With its experience in fluoropolymer heat exchangers, AMETEK can help supply OEMs and tank fabricators solve any size and type of application they may encounter. AMETEK offers three styles of immersion coil heat exchangers:

  • Minicoil


    Mini coils made with fluoropolymer tubing are used to control temperatures in laboratory baths and small plating production tanks where corrosion is a concern.

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  • Slimline Coil
    Slimline Coil


    Primarily used in steel pickling, metal finishing and processing, Slimline Heat Exchangers utilize a proprietary resin that improves durability and temperature/pressure capability.

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  • Supercoil


    Supercoil plating heat exchangers made of fluoropolymer resist the chemicals used in electroplating, etching, anodizing, stripping, and similar tank-based operations.

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