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With more than half a century of metallurgical experience, AMETEK FPP is the partner of choice among the world’s leading foundries and investment casting producers. From medical implants and turbine blades to industrial pump housings and engine blocks, high-temperature filter products are known for their reliable performance capturing molten-metal slag, dross and other harmful inclusions. In addition, its filters are uniquely suited to lower costs in the finishing room, where gating and risers are removed from the end casting using band saws, cutting torches, hydraulic wedges and even air-hammers.

AMETEK filters speed de-gating and riser removal by creating cleavage planes— break-off points— in the gating and riser contact areas of the mold. It’s common for cleavage planes to break apart by themselves during shakeout. Risers are similarly easy to remove, typically by the slight impact of a shop hammer, leaving a uniformly flat plane on the casting contact area. Ceramic foam and ceramic cellular (honeycomb) filters are not able to perform this way.

Metal casting producers in today’s hyper-efficient global market must adapt to ever-higher customer quality standards, while simultaneously minimizing their internal costs. AMETEK filters help do both. What’s more, its technical support team helps with customized applications, casting defect analysis, and scrap rate reduction.