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AMETEK Fluoropolymer Products: Heat Exchangers (Immersion and Shell & Tube), Tubing and Pipe, and Foundry Products

AMETEK Fluoropolymer Products has been a leader in fluoropolymer heat exchangers (immersion and shell & tube); tubing and pipe; high purity applications, and silica-based foundry products for more than half a century. 

Heat Exchangers: AMETEK heat exchangers are designed specifically to be utilized in the most corrosive applications to heat and/or cool a broad range of applications. They offer an excellent combination of high performance and low operating costs. They are inert to nearly all process chemicals, are less brittle than glass and graphite, and more corrosion resistant than most special alloy metals.

AMETEK Immersion Heat Exchangers consist of Reactor Coils, MINICOILS (link) and SUPERCOILS (link) that are designed for heating and coiling a wide range of metal finishing solutions, including electroplating, electroforming and electro less plating baths, acidic and alkaline solutions for etching, chemical milling, anodizing, cleaning, stripping, electro polishing and similar operations.

AMETEK heat exchangers feature braided tubing bundles (link to Supercoils) and unique fused ends that provide significantly better heat transfer from a smaller footprint than similar heat exchangers allowing installation in virtually any type of tank configuration. AMETEK’s proprietary honeycomb process ensures long service life with no leaks or thermo-mechanical failures commonly found on other heat exchangers.

AMETEK Reactor Coil Heat Exchangers are designed for immersion directly into process vessels and are ideal for crystallizer applications. 

AMETEK Ultrahigh-Purity Heat Exchangers: Immersion and shell & tube heat exchangers made with ultrahigh purity PFA tubing are designed specifically for applications that require extremely low contaminants. They are especially suited for wet etching, cleaning and other processes that heat or cool highly corrosive liquids, high-purity acids and ultrapure water typically used in electronics, pharmaceutical and semiconductor manufacture.

AMETEK’s Q-Series heat exchangers are made from a proprietary resin that combines improved durability with increased temperature and pressure capabilities, delivering high thermal efficiency and performance. Q-Series coils handle steam-heating applications and are especially well-suited for batch and continuous pickling applications. 

Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers: AMETEK offers a wide range of shell and tube heat exchangers, including those made with ultrahigh-purity PFA tubing that allow chemical processors and others to conform to highest standards of purity. AMETEK shell and tube heat exchangers are single pass, counter current designs that incorporate AMETEK’s unique honeycomb design construction. 

Fluoropolymer Tubing and Pipe: AMETEK manufactures tubing and pipe from various grades of fluoropolymer resins to meet specific customer applications and ship them to comply with specific customer JIT delivery requirements. AMETEK tubing meets all common operating temperatures and pressures, with standard tubing meeting operating pressures up to 70 psi.

In addition AMETEK tubing and pipe are available in dual containment systems (link to dual containment brochure) where longer lengths reduce the number of welds along with process contamination concerns, providing an efficient and cost-effective solution for handling higher-volume process liquids. 

Foundry Products: Along with fluoropolymer products, AMETEK offers Flexsil® silica mesh filter cloth and Cerra-Flex® refractory cloth filters for metal filtration casting applications. Flesil and Cerra-Flex filter impurities from molten metal and provide a cost-effective method for both de-risering and runner segmentation of metal castings.

Both products improve casting quality with their ability to filter out slag and dross impurities that form in molten metal during the casting process, increasing end-casting machinability, while simultaneously reducing the casting line scrap rate.
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